Who we are

Designing traditional, yet glamorous and unique Sofreh Aghd is my passion; I started this venture when I was in Iran around 1990, I have now moved to the Washington DC area. Therefore, my aim is to present the Persian community with the most stunning, dazzling, graceful and romantic ideas that have never been used before. Our inspiration comes from the richness of Persia’s natural beauty, art, music, and literature.

We display the ‘Persian Love’ that is the core of our culture on your wedding day to be admired by everyone.

The Persian Marriage Ceremony is a cultural event, which dates back to the ancient Zoroastrian Era. Although the concept and theory of marriage have changed drastically over the years under the influence of different religious and cultural traditions, the actual ceremony has remained nearly the same.


Our standards


We offer the most extravagant of designs without concern to our costs.


Luxurious hand crafted, exquisite, delicately detailed and artistic workmanship items.


Quality of fabrics, accessories and shaping the symbolic Persian items to display on your Sofreh in Serenity and Harmony with each Bride’s individuality and style.


We will orchestrate all symbolic elements of our proud tradition to design a striking and harmonious one of a kind Sofreh Aghd, Our classic, modern and antique styles are the interpretation of Persian tradition, romance and rich culture.

Our style offers vary as your choices do.

Our leadership

Fate Stewart
Fate Stewart
Designing traditional, yet glamorous and unique Sofreh Aghd